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Young India Books is a website that reviews children’s books about India. Their mission is to :
* To promote quality literature about India for children.

* To assist various stakeholders – parents, teachers, librarians and book-sellers select appropriate books for children.

* To form partnerships with key stakeholders in order to enrich the quality of Indian literature for children.

Some books that have been published by us have also been reviewed on the website:


The story of this simple and straightforward man has been put together in a way that will appeal to young and old alike.

What I enjoyed most was the way the various incidents have been woven seamlessly together. The little anecdotes from his life, inserted on various pages also add an interesting dimension to the book. Kids generally find history boring. But if presented as it is, in this well illustrated book, kids are sure to read and remember.

However, a tighter narrative would be helpful in sustaining a young reader’s attention.

The illustrations are simple and yet at the same time eye-catching.

In fact, A Man called Bapu is a must read for both adults and children.

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Cheenu’s gift is a delightful story of a segment of society, hardly ever represented in children’s literature in India – street vendors, sweepers, servants and such.

We see them, yet we don’t see them!

The book is well laid out and has a font that will appeal to kids. Big, bright, true to life illustrations are an added bonus!

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Every child fantasizes about flying off to a land where magical things happen.
Children will be delighted with the flight of fantasy. Beautiful illustrations also add to the dreamlike quality of the story.

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It was time for Singeri Srinivasan to have his annual haircut. But no one seems to have the time to cut his long locks for him. Not his barber, not his wife and not even the carpenter.

Kids will love to read and listen to this story in a comic book style, that is simple, well illustrated and fun to boot.

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In this pictorial book, Sanjeev Saith traces the path of the mighty Ganga – a mystical, magical river that gives life and sustenance as it flows from its source at the Gangotri, to its delta in the Bay of Bengal.

Through photographs that are at times surrealistic and at others throbbing with life, one can almost visualize the journey of the river, through the icy caverns of the Himalayas where it emerges as the river Bhagirathi, over rocky cliffs, through various temple towns, and finally to the delta in the Sunderbans, where it meets the sea.

Each photograph is accompanied by a relevant caption. The minimal text that allows maximum space to the pictures is definitely a plus point, as is the map of the river basin at the rear of the book, pinpointing – the places of importance that the Ganga and her tributaries flow through.

You can read the entire review here.


Early readers will be delighted with the simple, repetitive phrase with the indicative pictures.

A simple story told mostly in pictures, it is beautifully illustrated and vividly depicts scenes in and around a village – a cart, a stack of hay, earthern pots and a village home.

The detailed illustrations will entertain and engross the child.

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Rain, Rain, is a delightful little story about a rain cloud, as it rolls merrily across the sky.

A simple story that teaches how important rain is to everyone.

Bright and colourful illustrations that fill up the page and minimal text is sure to engage and entertain the child.

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Sringeri Srinivasan has had a bumper crop of bananas from his farm. He wants to distribute it amongst the neighbours, but although, sweet, luscious and delicious, they have all had enough and do not want any more.

Poor Singeri Srinivasan, what should he do with the bumper harvest? He comes up with a plan and it seems to work!

Illustrated in parts in a graphic novel style, the book with its bright colours and strong lines is an attention grabber.

Crisp text, tongue-in-cheek humour and great illustrations – it is sure to delight the heart of any child.

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