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Its raining reviews all over again. Take a look at the following reviews to help you decide what books you may want to buy for your kiddo.

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BoloKids has another review of our book Bhabhloo Bear’s Adventure

What happens when one of the top notch writers of children’s literature teams up with one of the best publishing houses in the country. The result is pure and pristine magic.

Bhabhloo Bear’s Adventure, written by Paro Anand and published by Pratham Books, is an endearing tale that will enchant you from the first word till the last.

Bhabhloo is a naughty little bear who drives his ma insane with his crazy antics. One of his life’s main dreams is “to do something, anything that would make the whole world sit and notice him.”

Paro Anand’s felicity with words and expressions is a real delight as we follow Bhabhloo’s attempt to make his dream a reality. Suvidha Mistry’s illustrations are excellent and beautifully complement the story.

Bhabhloo Bear’s Adventure is sure to captivate the young and the young at heart with its perfect synergy of a charming tale, lovely illustrations and outstanding production values.

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Via Deccan Herald

Now read the story about ‘’Too Many Bananas” by Noni, illustrated by Angie and Upesh.

This tale is about a farmer named Sringeri Srinivas who had a very bad day when he was stuck with a huge mound of bananas and nobody wanted them! What did he do? The mystery is delightful and delicious because it will remind you of banana milk shake, banana and coconut cake, banana muffins and loads of banana splits!

Don’t miss reading it because you will also meet Gopali Srivastava, who is in class 5 and likes movies by Amitabh Bachchan and Kajol. If you buy this book it will help him and his friends to get more books in their library to read!

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Via Parenting Magazine

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