Book Review – Sister, Sister where does thunder come from?

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Earlier last month, we were giving out review copies of few of our books. We were excited to hear what all of you thought of our books (the good things and the bad things!) and hope that this feedback from people (educators, parents, book lovers, children) will help us create better books and help you choose books for your own kids.
Read this interestingly written review of our book “Sister Sister where does thunder come from?” , by Sumathy Krishnan.
Written by Roopa Pai, Illustrated by Greystroke; From Read India, An Imprint of Pratham Books Don’t we all at times want to forget reality and take off into flights of fantasy? Where you can ‘cook’ up hundred exciting reasons instead of accepting that boring mundane truth? And how badly do you disappoint your child with ‘rotation of earth, moon and sun’ facts when the story of ‘Moon getting eaten up and spat out’ is more alluring and captivating? Well, author Roopa Pai definitely knows this and takes us on a bizarre ride in this story, putting aside the facts for some time . In this story, a little boy is curious to know where thunder comes from. His sister, instead of telling him what she knows to be facts, prods him to think. That literally opens the Pandora’s box; the boy comes up with bizarre reasons and the sister patiently hears him out. The reasons straddle mythology and modern times seamlessly and as you turn the pages, one is tempted to come up with more reasons and not go to the last page at all! Finally the sister tells him what the books say about thunder. Interestingly, she still manages to leave the topic open for her brother and the reader to think and question what has been said. That is surely a feat! In the end, there is also a ‘Find out more’ section which gives the prim and proper accepted explanation along with an interesting experiment to demonstrate the fact. The illustrations are captivating and the language is flowing in a conversational tone. The print and the paper quality is very good and takes well to thumbing – helps, as your child is sure to revisit those illustrated pages where the boy is giving his reasons. I also loved the small write up about the cause behind Pratham books, the author and the Illustrator at the end. Grab the book to know about those reasons and to kindle your child’s curiosity. Never again will you or your child let thunder pass without coming up with a reason yourself! And I am going to pick my copies on other books in this series – ‘ Sister, sister, Where does the Sun go at night?’, ‘Sister, Sister, Why is the Sky so Blue?’ and ‘Sister, sister, Why don’t Things Fall Up?’. Click here to buy this book now.


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