Book Review : Royal Toothache

Earlier this month, we were giving out review copies of few of our books. We were excited to hear what all of you thought of our books (the good things and the bad things!) and hope that this feedback from people (educators, parents, book lovers, children) will help us create better books and help you choose books for your own kids.

This book review comes from Vidya Vasudevan who received our book ‘The Royal Toothache’

Mr.Lion is worried. Can you believe it? Open the pages of ‘the Royal toothache’ by Sanjiv Jaiswal to see how the great, big beast deals with his toothache. Hey, folks! Cleaning your teeth is pretty important says the book using simple language in an engaging style. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the part where the donkey runs off in fright. The cover page in black and white is eye-catching as are the vivid illustrations. The artist, Mr.Ajit Narayan has made the story come alive by capturing the lion’s expressions aptly. The ending where the lion begs the mouse to keep a secret had my daughter whispering in my ear……..what kind of brush will Mr. Lion use? In short, a must read book for anyone who has desperately tried all tricks to keep their child’s teeth clean. Don’t shy away seeing this black and white book. The story more than makes up for the lack of colour!!!! A definite must-not-miss part is the lion’s caricature on the last page.

You can also listen to the audio versions of this book in English and Hindi.


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