Book Review : “My Fish!” “No, My Fish!”

Asha Nehemiah reviews our book “My Fish!” “No, My Fish!” (written by Suraj J Menon and illustrated by Soumya Menon) on Goodbooks.

With a catchy title comprising the two lines of dialogue that capture the core argument in the book, “My Fish!” “No, My Fish!” is perfect both for reading-aloud and for children beginning to read with help. The language, the length of the sentences, the placing of the text, the humorous story – all work together to make the book appealing and inviting to an early reader. 

Kicchu and Choru, the two best friends in Suraj J Menon’s story, meet one morning when they are heading to the pond to catch fish. On the way, they meet another friend Munia and disregard her plea to leave the fish alone. The three children spot three fish swimming in the pond and are, naturally, very excited when they think they have caught the biggest of them.

The illustrations by Soumya Menon capture the light-hearted fun of the story wonderfully. The mischievous expressions on Kicchu and Choru’s faces and their ignominious fall are extremely entertaining. Little details of the cat, the crab and the snake watching the proceedings with different degrees of interest add a quirky dimension to the book. 

“My Fish!” “No, My Fish!” is a winning combination of a funny story supported by engaging visuals.

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