Book Review : Laxman’s Questions

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Laxman, a boy from a village in Tamil Nadu, sets off on a Sunday morning on his bullock-cart, to collect bales of freshly cut hay. The author vividly describes the journey to the fields, so much so that one almost begins to experience it – the thudding of the animals hooves on the dirt road, the tinkling of their bells and the chaotic traffic! However, the chaotic traffic poses quite a challenge to Laxman and his bullocks, as people ‘never seem to realize that a bullock cart has no brakes!’
On the way, Laxman greets all his favourite flowering trees, the birds that sing, as well as those that soar. And as, he watches them his mind is full of questions. However, no one seems to understand him, except his grandmother. She tells him,that it was alright to ask them for asking, “questions are as important as the answers”.
The story not only provides us a glimpse into the life of life a village boy but also sends two strong underlying messages – one is to appreciate the gifts of nature and second, not to hesitate to ask questions. Even when there seems to be no answer to them. Borrowing from the words on a popular advertisement ‘Questions achhe hote hai!
Vivid illustrations with a lot of details for children to discover, add to the appeal of the book.
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