Book Review: The Elephant Bird

Seema Khinnavar reviews our book ‘The Elephant Bird’ on the Between the Lines website. This book has been written by Arefa Tehsin and illustrated by Sonal Goyal and Sumit Sakhuja.

‘The Elephant Bird’ is an appealing story about Munia, a village girl who walks with a slight limp, and her adventures with The Elephant Bird. 
The book’s vibrant illustrations are an instant draw. The artists have paid close attention to detail. Upon looking closely, you will be pleasantly surprised to spot little mice, spiders, bees and birds following little Munia’s adventure through the colourful landscape.
The book has been recommended for children who can read independently. Although the story line is simple, the tale has been told in a complicated manner, due to which, the illustrations rob the child’s attention from the main story. However, once the story has been explained the child reads the book again with renewed enthusiasm.
The beauty of the book lies in the underlining reference to the fact that the human race would not hesitate to get rid of natural heritage for the sake of personal gain.

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