Book Review: Chuskit Goes to School

Choxbox reviews our book ‘Chuskit Goes to School’ for the Saffron Tree blog.

As part of this project that I volunteered for recently, I worked with a bunch of kids that included two physically handicapped children. The other children not only happily accommodated them but also came up with creative ways to make them part of the group. Their spontaneous compassion can be best described as ‘smile-creating’ and ‘spirit-lifting’.

So Chuskit Goes to School! struck a chord. It is another gem from Pratham Books and has been inspired by true instances in the villages of Ladakh. Apart from the heart-warming storyline, it tells you many things about life in Ladakh in beautiful words and illustrations.

The book revolves around nine-year old Chuskit who has legs which do not work. She is confined to a wheel-chair and observes everything from her window all day. The one thing she longs to do is to go to school and learn things like her brother. The biggest hurdle in her path is well, the uneven and difficult path itself. It is strewn with rocks, involves crossing a stream and is as wheel-chair-unfriendly as it can get.

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