Belletrista – Celebrating Women Writers from Around the World

Today is Girl Child Day and after we gave a big shout-out to some of the lovely women whose tweets we follow on Twitter, we came across the online magazine – Belletrista.

Via Belletrista

Belletrista is a not-for-profit, bimonthly web magazine which seeks both to encourage cross-cultural understanding through international literature written by women and to increase the visibility of that literature.

We approach our mission as readers, not as academics or book industry professionals. Belletrista hopes to bring its unique view of women-authored, global literature to a broad audience of international booklovers, from the seasoned fan of world literature to the passionate reader who is just venturing beyond familiar literary shores.

You can read the first issue of Belletrista here.Also, read about the Afghan Women’s Writing Project.

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