Available for Free: 75K School Textbooks from Pearson Education

Via Charities in India (via People in Education)

Dear Friends,

As a part of its social responsibility, Pearson Education last year distributed over 3 lakh copies of their school books to NGOs involved with education of children. This was done free of cost.

This year we have about 75 thousand copies of various school textbooks, which we again want to send to interested NGOs. I am attaching a list that gives the break-up of the various books.

It would be helpful if an NGO requests for a minimum of 1000 copies (one thousand), i.e. it could be 100 copies of one book, 50 of another one and 500 of something else, but the total should be at least 1000.

There is of course no upper limit.

Please pass this on to people who work in this area. We would be happy if the distribution is as wide as possible.

Whoever is interested can write to me.


Praveen Dev

Senior Commissioning Editor (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Pearson Education, 7th Floor, Knowledge Boulevard

A-8(A), Sector 62, NOIDA-201 309

Phone: (91-120) 4190 181
Mobile: (0)99990 21864

Update : We spoke to Praveen to enquire about the availability of the books. But, all the books got booked in the first 3 days. Praveen did inform us that the a similar book giveaway may take place in a few months. Interested NGOs can mail their email addresses to him so that he can include it in their database. You can mail him at praveen.dev (at) pearsoned (dot)co (dot) in.


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