Another Contest from Taranauts : Name a Mithya Dish!

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Hey Earthkins!

Remember our previous contest? Where we asked you to think up a word in Taratongue that meant ‘awesome’? (If you don’t, go check out www.taranauts.com – it has all the details). Well, here’s another mastastic contest – can you name a yummylicious Mithya dish for us in Taratongue? You can? Great!

If we like the name you came up with, our author Roopa Pai will use it in Taranauts Book 4 – The Race for the Glo Rubies, which should be out in the stores in December. AND – your name will appear in the book too, as the super dish namer who named the dish! And we will interview you for our website -www.taranauts.com. Plus you win fabulous prizes. But here’s the best part – ALL PARTICIPANTS will get sur-prizes! Cool, huh?

Now here’s the recipe for this lip-smacking dish, a specialty of Glo. Of course, the ingredients that go into this dish are not available on earth, but we got four bright earthkins to tell us what earth ingredients sort of matched ours, and put those down too, so that you could sort of figure out what the dish would taste like (all earth substitutes in brackets).

Here goes!

Makes 4 servings Ingredients

* 12 slices sweet pillobread (sponge cake)
* 2 scoops creamilicious snow (vanilla icecream)
* 1 softcentre mini galumpie, mashed (any chocolate-covered wafer bar plus some marshmallows)
* 5 chocolate kookicreams, crushed (chocolate cream biscuits)
* 2 tbsp chocolate sauce (chocolate sauce!)
* A handful of Taragems (Gems will work, although they are not star-shaped like Taragems)


* In a bowl, mix all ingredients except sweet pillobread into a smooth-ish sauce. Or you could chuck it all in a pulpator (mixie) and blend until smooth.
* Spread the sauce generously on 8 of the 12 sweet pillobread slices.
* Now put one ‘sauced’ slice on top of the other to make four pillobread stacks.
* Top with the remaining 4 slices of sweet pillobread, pour the leftover sauce over it, and decorate with Taragems. Your yummy snack is ready!
* Now serve one each to three friends and gobble up the fourth yourself!

Now think of a mastastic name for this dish and tell us! Last date for sending in entries: 23rd October 2010. So hurry!

Email your entries to [email protected]. Remember to include your name, age, home address, and school.


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