Alternative Publishing Models

Via Peter Suber:

Frances Pinter and David Percy have made an excellent documentary film about business models in the publishing world that use Creative Commons licenses. Frances has been heading a CC-based publishing project in Africa. It is the Publishing and Alternative Licensing Model of Africa (PALM Africa), is based in Uganda, and South Africa, and she tells me the Ugunda project is going especially well. She also tells me she’ll be soon expanding this idea into other publishing spheres, which is very exciting.

Head on over to watch the interviews.

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  1. Udaya July 30, 2008

    And I certainly agree with this! However, the ebook needs to be of value however small it is and should be somewhat or completely exclusive instead of an aggregator of content from around the web.This you can find with the book First lady president which is a story of how such a figure might emerge as the first ever serious female candidate in a U.S. presidential election and How would her opponents challenge her in their election speeches, media interviews, and TV debates.

  2. Gautam July 30, 2008

    Of course. Without value, it’s just noise. And there is great value in originality as opposed to aggregation.


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