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While trawling through the internet for specific information on something, I came across this blog post from 2012. If you’ve ever written a post about us and it didn’t get featured on our blog, leave a link to it in the comments or mail us. We love reading what you think about us and our books :).

Via the raisingprincessy blog

During another of my regular sojourns to Crosswords, I discovered books by a non-profit organization, called Pratham Books. I must say, the books under this banner are of good quality and are really value for money. They are written very professionally according to different age groups and are accompanied by beautiful illustrations. The books are in English and 10 other Indian languages (Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Gujarati and Telugu). With more than 1500 books under its belt, Pratham Books cover a wide range of subjects, from educational to inspirational to folktales. Pratham Books hopes to reach upto 200 million readers, from its current readership of 25 million, and hopes to someday “put a book in every child’s hands”.
The first Pratham book I got for Princess Y is entitled “Ritu’s Letter Gets Longer”, about a little girl who wanted her cousin from another village to visit her so badly that she wrote a few “Pleases” (for him to come to her home soon) on the postcard she sent to her cousin. And her letter gets longer as the postman helps to add even more “Pleases” all over her postcard! Other books which I got are “See You Tomorrow”, “My Family”, “Mimi’s Buffalo” and “By the Seaside” (which is one of Princess Y’s favourites, I guess its because she just loves water!).
More recently, I got another book called “Turtle Story” for Princess Y, and was surprised at the amount of the information you can get from the book.
Pratham Books are very, very reasonably priced as they want to spread the reading culture to as many children as possible. They have in fact started the Read India Movement specifically for this purpose. A big kudos to Pratham Books! 
Thank you PY’s mum for this lovely feature.

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