‘??????????? ????’, the 4th story under the ‘Weave-a-Story’ campaign is ready to travel far and wide

We’re excited to share the fourth story that has just been published under StoryWeaver’s ‘Weave-a-Story’ campaign.

??????????? ????’ is the first Tamil story that we are releasing under the campaign. Written by N. Chokkan and illustrated by Megha Vishwanath, the story is about Kaushik, who stumbles upon a mysterious girl in the forest. The story has also been translated into English by N. Chokkan so that a wider audience can access it. The English version is available here.

Typically, while creating a story, the author writes a story first and the illustrator builds on it through visuals. In the case of this story, N. Chokkan has very cleverly woven a story around Megha’s vivid illustrations which were created by her as part of the #6FrameStoryChallenge. Oh, and not to mention his daughters N. Nangai & N. Mangai who have contributed hugely to his writing process.

The Weave-a-Story campaign has given birth to 4 amazing stories so far and with language diversity being key to StoryWeaver, we’re hoping for these stories to be translated into as many languages as possible. For this, we’re looking for support from you, our active community. The first three stories that were published earlier this month have inspired 37 versions in total.

For this fun story to reach more and more children, we need your help. Could you translate this story into languages in which you’re fluent, or even share it with others who may be interested? Here are some tips that will make translation super easy for you and not to forget our short video tutorial. Together, let’s make sure that this story travel far and wide!


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