Your Chance to Participate in the Pratham Books Sabha 2011 (Delhi)

Last weekend, we conducted our first literary meet, Sabha 2011, in Bangalore. On 14th March, the second edition of this literary meet is being conducted in Delhi.
We’ve invited our authors, illustrators and translators and we do hope we haven’t missed out anyone! (Addresses change, phone numbers ditto, and computers crash! So if you are one of our authors, illustrators or translators, and you haven’t got an invitation, we apologise. Please call the number on the poster below to receive an invitation.)

We also want to invite a few friends from our online community! If you would like to participate, please call the number on the invite and tell us about yourself and why you want to attend this meet.

The meet will explore the challenges facing the children’s publishing world, especially while reaching out to the under-served child. How can we help children become life-long readers? How can we get more books into every child’s hands? How can we publish well-illustrated books in many Indian languages so that every child gets to read a story in her own language? Pratham Books believes that in a country with so many children in need of reading material, we need quick, clean, legal, and harmonious ways of developing content.

Pssst: Entry is by invite only. Please call the number on the poster to book your spot.


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