Young India Books

A new site called Young India Books has just launched.

Young India Books reviews Indian books for children from birth to sixteen years.

Our Mission

* To promote quality literature about India for children.

* To assist various stakeholders – parents, teachers, librarians and book-sellers select appropriate books for children.

* To form partnerships with key stakeholders in order to enrich the quality of children’s literature about India.

Our Offerings

* Reviews, comments and rating of all books.

* Profiles of authors and illustrators. Know who they are and what motivates them to write or illustrate for children.

* Books are Fun has suggestions for educators – teachers, librarians and parents. In this section educators share tips on how to use books creatively to teach.

* Search Books section helps educators to select books for the home and the library keeping in mind the curriculum, the age and interests of the kids.

* Authors section has tips on enhancing writing Skills. Experts will share their insight to enhance writing skills.


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