Yeeehaww! A Lojban Translation of One of Our Books

Anytime one of our Creative Commons licensed content gets remixed or reused, we feel giddy with joy. We’ve had people make iPad applications for us, had our books converted to Nepali, had radio stations make audio books out of our content… but never did we think that one day we would come across a Lojban translation of one of our books.
I can already hear some of you say – ‘Lojban? What is that?’ and I can already see some of you quickly google the term to find out what a Lojban translation is. Well, here goes…

Via Lojban

Lojban is a carefully constructed spoken language designed in the hope of removing a large portion of the ambiguity from human communication. It was made well-known by a Scientific American article and references in science fiction(external link) Lojban has been built over five decades by dozens of workers and hundreds of supporters.

Lojban has a number of features which make it unique:

  • Lojban is designed to be used by people in communication with each other, and possibly in the future with computers.
  • Lojban is designed to be culturally neutral.
  • Lojban has an unambiguous grammar, which is based on the principles of logic.
  • Lojban has phonetic spelling, and unambiguous resolution of sounds into words.
  • Lojban is simple compared to natural languages; it is easy to learn.
  • Lojban’s 1300 root words can be easily combined to form a vocabulary of millions of words.
  • Lojban is regular; the rules of the language are without exception.
  • Lojban attempts to remove restrictions on creative and clear thought and communication.
  • Lojban has a variety of uses, ranging from the creative to the scientific, from the theoretical to the practical.
If any of you know Lojban, you can dowload the book le lunra jo’u le mapku too (Thank you Remo Dentato for this translation of our book.)

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