Yakking Away at HOO’s Tales

Over 50 children gathered at the Art & Story Hut at Cubbon Park to make glove puppets and listen to the reading of ‘Yakity Yak’. The session was part of Hoo’s Tales, the carnival of stories, organised by Hippocampus Book Council.
Children from various private and government schools sat engrossed as Mala Kumar, Editor at Pratham Books, read out the story of the talkative yak, with ample assistance from a glove yak puppet. Artist Bhargavi Satyan who had made the smart puppet was the cynosure of all eyes as she brought out pieces of paper from the boxes set on the table. Every child wanted to make a puppet too. Soon the hut was full of eager children asking for ‘pink ears’, yellow ‘fur’, brown ‘legs’, black ‘horns’, all of which Bhargavi had lovingly cut and brought to the venue. With Gum Man Puttaswamy’s help, colourful yaks sprung up. So what if some of the yaks had mis-matched ears, the children had fun, and the story of ‘Yakity Yak’ delighted them!

We enjoyed the show too, as our Brand Assistant Balkrishna’s pictures show. We thank all the parents who helped with crowd management and were instrumental in the making of all the cute paper yaks.


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