World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle

Taking out your pens/pencils and racking your brains while you drink a cup of coffee is surely not the way to solve this crossword puzzle. The world’s biggest crossword puzzle is located in the city of Lvov in Ukraine and this is how you will have to go about solving this puzzle:
The puzzle is more than 100ft high and fills the entire external wall of the residential building in the city of Lvov.

Clues to the crossword are scattered around the city’s major landmarks and attractions including parks, fountains, and theatres.

Although the crossword – which is 19 squares across and 34 squares high – is far too big to be filled in by hand, the artists responsible have come up with an intriguing way of displaying the answers.When night falls, fluorescent letters placed inside every square are turned on, revealing the complete solution in a light glow.

Read more about this crossword puzzle here.

A great way to discover your city too!

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  1. jhone August 16, 2010

    That brilliant game really it just make my brain to process faster.Thanks for the source.

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