World Oceans Day Picks

Have you been seen many book lists on our blog these days? Yes? This is because many people have been writing to us asking if we have books on a certain topic. So, we’ve been making these lists and sharing them  on the blog for anyone who may also be looking for similar lists. 
Today is World Oceans Day and we are sharing stories of some of the lovely sea creatures in our books.
TURTLE STORY (written by Kartik Shanker, illustrated by Maya Ramaswamy)
The book is a first person narrative by a young hatchling turtle is as charming as it is illuminating. The narrative takes the reader through the entire life cycle of an Olive Ridley, and also introduces several other interesting creatures along the way. 
Eartha also listed this book in its list of ‘10 books about the environment for kids (by Indian authors)

PISHI CAUGHT IN A STORM (written by Mala Kumar and Manisha Chaudhry, illustrated by Sangeeta Das)
Pishi was a huge manta ray fish. Once, when he was caught in a big storm in the Indian Ocean, guess who came to his rescue? Dive into this book for a dramatic story.
This story was born out of the illustrations Sangeeta sent in for the #6FrameStoryChallenge. Read more about it here. You can also read the book on StoryWeaver.
DIVE (written and illustrated by Rajiv Eipe)
Take a dive with us into the spectacular world of coral reefs, and catch a glimpse of some strange and beautiful sea creatures!
If you are also looking for books on a certain topic, leave a comment below and let us know!

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