Woohoo! More Books for the World (Thanks to our Awesome Community!)

Remember the ‘Retell, Remix and Rejoice with Chuskit‘ we conducted some time ago? Our friends at pothi.com had an excellent offer for all the participants of the contest. Contestants were invited by pothi.com to get their books printed through their print on demand service at a special discounted price.

Some of the participants took up the offer and their books are now available on Pothi.com.

1. How Two-Legged Su Saves The Day …With A Little Help From Apricot Flowers And Magpies
Nilofar Shamim Ansher

Little Su is homebound and bored! After a fall from the purple-flowered Moghair Tree that grows in the backyard of her house, the 9-year-old is looking for some adventures. Find out how Su manages to have fun in her snowy hometown!

Mumbai-based Nilofar Shamim Ansher has been fed on stories ever since she can remember. She has vivid memories of her daddy telling her bedtime stories and bringing a sense of adventure to the ritual of sleep! Years later, she has come full circle with her first attempt at a children’s story – How Two-Legged Su Saves The Day.

You can buy the book here.

2. Amanda On Magic Wheels
Sweta Lal

Its a story about a girl Amanda who fights against all odds in her life to emerge a winner. She has been crippled by disabilities, an unfortunate event in her life. The story tries to capture the emotions of the little girl Amanda who knows what her dreams are & how to achieve them. In this journey she finds good friends & treasures lovely memories too… memories of making her parents proud. Amanda’s life is motivational & will surely impart good morale to budding children. This story has been written to create awareness about the disabilities children suffer & its repercussions. The book is also an attempt to combine entertainment with education as there are notes to the text which children would find easy to follow & enrich their vocabulary.

Sweta is an Engineer turned Writer. She is now passionately into this profession as a Freelancer. Her works include poetry, fiction, non-fiction short stories and children’s stories. Sweta took special interest in Literature & Arts right from her school days. Besides having an outstanding scholastic record she had a passion for writing always. She initially went on to make her career in Engineering which was quite satisfying but the urge to be a head on writer overpowered. She is now following her dreams… You can also follow her on her Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Words-For-The-Days/405462470077

You can buy the book here.
You can also read the stories written by all the other participants here. If any of you want to create your own stories, you can use our CC-licensed illustrations too.


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