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Recently, we came across a post on the Learning Hindi blog and it reinforces our resolve to put more of our books out under Creative Commons licenses. Thank you George for sharing our work with your readers. We also love that our friends from ICDL have been featured on the same post 🙂

If you’re learning any language then one thing that’s super important is reading, you should read, read read! A brilliant way to do this is to read children’s books – they should have much more accessible vocab and grammar, especially for a beginner. But for a language like Hindi getting hold of children’s books can be basically impossible if you’re not in India. Well panic not – today I’m going to share with you a brilliant website that has dozens of free online digital Hindi books! Ready?

The ICDL is wonderful site that would be helpful for any language learner (and of course it’s perfect for actual children wanting to read too!). It has thousands of completely free online digital books in 61 languages. The books are genuinely entertaining and well illustrated too!
Specifically for Hindi it currently has 30 books – click here to see a list of them all. These Hindi books are excellent practice for those of you who are beginning to come to terms with Hindi. There’s a great range as well; of the 30 or so books some of them, like Where is my Bat? are very basic… 

Now this is where Pratham Books comes in; the ICDL is only a library – it doesn’t create the books. The majority of the Hindi books they host are published by a brilliant company calledPratham Books. They are another non-profit organisation and are based in India. They work to help child literacy rates by providing cheap books – living by the motto “we believe that every child has the right to enjoy good books”. How could you not love them.

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Read/download/share all our CC-licensed books (Hindi and other languages).

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