What are Story Cards?

Since we’ve been nominated as one of the contenders for the ‘Spark the Rise Challenge’, we’ve been talking about story cards all the time. But many of you may not know what story cards are (by the way : we’ve already managed to get 10million story cards to kids across India).

So, here’s a short little post to give you more information on these cards :

The story of the Storycards is an interesting one! They are a living example of making an effort to reach the last child… Pratham Books has always been committed to increase penetration so that ALL children have access to good reading material. As Pratham’s programmes began to touch the lives of more and more children through the READ India Campaign, there was a need for low cost material that could be distributed to the children. This was how the idea of creating story cards out of Pratham Books’ titles germinated. In economically disadvantaged states, even the cost of a Pratham Books title would make it a discretionary buy whereas a story card can strengthen and encourage reading at a fraction of the cost and can be an attractive and motivational takeaway for a child. 

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Rajesh Khar, from our editorial team, adds :
They were dramatically cheaper than books and could be printed in large numbers within the same budget as books/ reading material. The story cards looked different and gave Pratham the option of giving ‘individual reading material’ to children for the first time.
Educators have mentioned that the story cards are ‘not intimidating like the books’ for the first generation of rural kids who have barely started reading or are still struggling to learn letters/words. Children can finish a card in a shorter time duration and hence cards are more manageable in classrooms.

Rukmini Banerji from Pratham Books talks about the use of storycards :


Our project is an innovation in the publishing industry that takes learnings from the FMCG industry – a sachet of stories! A sachet that contains 5 different story cards at just Rs. 20. Story cards are cheaper than a book but still have a book-like feel in terms of shape, size, colour and matter! They have helped millions of children improve their reading skills because of their enjoyable stories, colourful illustrations and are presented in a durable, laminated format. The story card sachets will be retailed at kirana stores and railways stations in tier 2 and 3 towns where access to good reading material is an issue.

Empowering parents and children alike by making story cards available and accessible, at a price that they can afford – that’s our idea, our innovation, our spark. Like it? Vote for it?
Read the entire project proposal here.

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