We’re 10! Come, celebrate with us!

We’re in a mood to celebrate. And it won’t be fun unless you, our dear readers and supporters, get into the spirit. It seems like yesterday that Pratham Books was established, and it feels nice and warm to know that at least 50 million readers have our book in their hands. It has been a joy creating over 260 titles in upto 12 languages, and we hope to do a lot more in the next decade! A big THANKS to every supporter of Pratham Books!
And now it’s time for fun and games, contests and prizes, yoohoo! In the next ten months, expect something new each month. Get to know our books and characters. Participate with your friends and family. Stay tuned to hear some wonderful things brewing here. Be part of the reading movement!
Start with it today, World Storytelling Day! Tell a child a story. Enter our Remix, Retell, Rejoice Contest. By doing this you will be setting stories free into the world to be read by eager young children. Let the magic begin!


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