Wanted : Your Favourite Non-British Books

The Guardian’s children’s book site is asking people to send in recommendations of their favourite non-British books.
"Vision :"A Book in Every Child's Hand"

“Why are all good books British?” asked the latest person to question Book Doctor. “They’re not,” replied Book Doctor.She went on to name some of the many brilliant books that come from outside the UK – but we spotted one thing. Most of the examples she mentions are from the United States.Since we have so many members who live outside the United States and the UK, we thought we’d ask you to tell us about your favourite books from around the world.Did you know, for instance, that Pippi Longstocking (pictured, in our favourite Lauren Child version) was originally a Swedish character, born Pippi Långstrump?Were you aware that The Little Mermaid and all the other famous fairytale characters of Hans Christian Andersen swam out of Denmark, or that Rapunzel and Hansel and Gretel were made in Germany by the Brothers Grimm?

You can read all the suggestions that have already popped up here.

What Indian children’s books would you want the world to know about? Is there a book that Pratham Books has published and you want the world to know about it? Here’s your chance to spread the word about the book that your child (or you) can’t get enough of.

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