Visual Dictionaries

Came across two visual dictionaries – Shahi and The Visual Dictionary.

Shahi is a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary content with Flickr images into a single pleasant and easy-to-use interface. The word Shahi is Hijazi Arabic for tea!

The Visual Dictionary is a collaborative project to collect as many photographs of words as possible.We aim to do this by asking you, the user, to send us your images of words, whether they be signage, advertising, graffiti, packaging, menus, written in the sky, tatoos, or made of grass – if its a single word, we’ll gladly accept it!

It is just a nice idea which should be visually stimulating and interesting, but in time, once the dictionary has more words, there could be plenty of applications for the content, perhaps creating ‘ransom note’ style emails using images from the dictionary, delivering a word of the day, converting your text into images as you type – the ideas are unlimited.

Also read about “Visuwords : The visual online dictionary

Image Source: 1 and 2


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