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And now for the awesome links we’ve come across on Twitter.

One of our new books ‘Cauvery’ was reviewed in The Hindu. Several bloggers have been bringing such HUGE smiles to our faces by their blogposts and also by their comments on this blog post. Have you met seven year old Samira yet? Find out why her lunch is awful and follow her on her shopping adventures. We were also tweeting about the addition of new Creative Commons licensed illustrations to our Flickr photostream.

It is the season of giving and we were happy to read the following tweet by @sphoortiorg: We thank Satkruti for pledging Rs 5000 towards purchase of Telugu story books from www.Prathambooks.org http://bit.ly/6mNuiM

Grape, the yak, is now with @NanubhaiEF and this is him with the kids at NEF. Check out their photostream to follow Grape’s antics in Gujarat.


Going West is an animated promo for the New Zealand Book Council. Take a look at the list of literary events taking place across the world in the month of December. Read Kanchan’s post on ‘Creating Graded Readers for Young Children‘. The Astronaut’s Cookbook – Tales, Recipes, and More – written by NASA veterans Charles T. Bourland and Gregory L. Vogt gives a first look at what astronauts eat while being in space.

@cinnamonteal: A Free Library for Every Family (in Sharjah)

@krittika_v: A library in Mumbra changing the lives of Muslim women

@scholars: Bookaroo!

@abhaga: Read ‘Intentions don’t make a doctor, or an editor‘ and the case of missing Indian language books at the Frankfurt Book Festival.

@pothidotcom: When bad covers happen to good books

@LiteracyLaunch: Literacy Lava 3!!! The third issue of Literacy Lava, a digital magazine (in pdf format)

@thecreativepenn: 50 Things Publishers Shouldn’t Do

@BubbleCow: Audio books for free

@wishfulpinking: Chennai now has this book library http://bookandborrow.com/index.asp

@namenick True stories told in one sentence

@r27: The Sliced bread notebook

@booktagger: A false ceiling of books: http://bit.ly/7f1X3J

@TatteredCover: Look, little booklovers! A jungle gym in the shape of Gulliver tied to the sandy ground by Lilliputian ropes

@tarabooks: How does one know what are the new books Tara will be publishing in 2010? By downloading their latest catalogue


Found some really cute animated Hindi videos on maths, animals, etc – 1, 2 and 3

@ashokbanker: Kids Crayon Drawing Brought to Life by a photographer


@adropofwisdom has an excellent list of Indian NGOs on Twitter

Eureka is educating 300,000 children with 5000 libraries in Tamil Nadu.

@prathamindia: Song written, composed by PCVC shelter kids. Adam Thompson from Australia gave music for it.

@thinkchangeind: New blog post: India’s Social Entrepreneurs of the Year

@ashokaindia: Bringing smiles to kids: A nice film on Dream-a-Dream

@gkjohn: A training and feedback session for Akshara librarians.

@thecomicproject: Comicwallahs!! Have a look ..Comics for a Cause

@ngopost The Bangalore Cares NGO Directory of Karnataka is shortly coming out with the second print edition


@lisahodges: Calling out to Indian NGO’s: Come to our social media workshop! Dec. 21-23, New Delhi

@PardadaPardadi: Vote for the PPES picture on Facebook!

@inclusiveplanet: A Call for Ideas. Bookbole seeking solution to a unique challenge

@gkjohn: Vote for @bookbole and @inclusiveplanet who have been nominated for a social enterprise award.

@CSOPartners: Award to organisations that are innovating to empower women in India and CSO Partners’ Outstanding Annual Report Award 2010 for NGOs


Muhahaha, we (everyone at our office) are like Milk Toof’s Lardee (just skip the exercise bit!). Our illustrators Angie & Upesh trooped in with their handmade quilled products. Lovely aren’t they (especially this). Our illustrators Angie and Upesh drew caricatures of themselves and Shivani’s PaperPreeti.

@brainpicker: Pictory – promising new photo magazine and Scott Teplin’s Alphabet City – 3D comic-book building cross-sections of letters, in watercolor & ink

@pikaland: Kelly Murphy‘s gorgeous work

@anorakmagazine: Draw-tastic issues are here!

@AiyerChitra: If you are a parent in India, check the Science Express out

@citizenmatters: The latest print issue of Citizen Matters is available now. Grab your free copy. Pickup locations

@surekhapillai: a 21st-century newspaper prototype – a fascinating experiment

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