Twittering Thursday – 1

*Phew*. This is going to be a long ‘twittering thursday’ post. News and views from our twitter acount… Time to go clickitty click click.
We are experimenting with our books and trying to make them more accessible for children. We have a pilot version of a book for visually challenged children and would love your feedback on the book. We were also offering a FREE book download of ‘Sedna, The Goddess of the Sea’. The book is still on our website for a few more days. You can also read about what kids across India have been doing to raise awareness about the environment. We also uploaded ‘The First Farmers- A Warli Folktale‘ on our Scribd account. We are also on Orkut. So, if any of you are on Orkut, you can find us here.

We travelled back in time to revisit our blog archives. Go through wonderful illustrated children’s dreams, or let your kids trace the journey of a raindrop on Morphie’s Great Water Ride Adventure, or look at these visual depictions of Wikipedia. Find out about some open learning resources here.

We were reading about DRM making pirates out of all of us. Karnataka’s ‘School Nurturing Programme‘ has received a tremendous response and many people have come forward to adopt schools. Another interesting article was about India’s need for a regulatory body for the education sector. Meanwhile, PaperTigers is focussing on the vast world of children’s book awards this month. They also have a list of literary events taking place across the world in the month of June. Read about PROACTIVATE, an environment initiative in Bangalore and take a look at the beautifully designed ‘Water for Free‘ website which has snippets of important information. Also, read about how you can apply for the workshop on Higher Education of Inclusion, Collaboration, and Community Engagement.

Phew… I did tell you that this post had many links. But, wait… it isn’t over yet. Watch out for our Twittering Thursday -2 post which will contain all the interesting links from the people we follow.

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  1. Sujata Krishna June 11, 2009

    Pratham books bloggers,

    Please list some events in India on the 'List of literary events around the world' at Paper Tigers.



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