Travel to the Seaside with This Month’s Calendar Page

August is here and it is one of our favourite months as we dive right into the happy madness of coordinating our popular #PBChamps campaign. While we will be busy this entire month, we will also be counting down to the next month – to see volunteers sharing stories with children across India. More details soon.
Illustrated by the fantastic Priya Kuriyan, this month’s page takes you to the seaside. Can you recognize the setting? Make this your screensaver and do grab a book when you step away from your computer 🙂

How do I make this image my screensaver?

Right click on the image below and save it. Set as your screensaver (or maybe even your Facebook cover picture?). Done, done, done!

P.S – If you change your desktop screen, we would love to see some pictures of this travelling across screens :). Mail us at web(at)prathambooks(dot)org OR share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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