Top 12 Children’s Books of 2011 – A List Compiled by Karadi Tales

Karadi Tales has curated an excellent list of children’s books published by some of India’s leading publishers in 2011. Two of our books have also been featured in this list. 

A King Cobra’s Summer

By Janaki Lenin • Illustrated by Maya Ramaswamy
Appropriate for Ages 7+
Set in the verdant Western Ghats, this story brings to life all the strange life forms that Kaala the king cobra comes across when he finds himself far away from his home in the areca nut plantation. This vibrant story sensitizes children to the plight of the forests and the king cobra. 
You can buy the book here.
Kallu’s World (In Big Trouble Again!)
By Subhadra Sen Gupta • Illustrated by Tapas Guha
Appropriate for Ages 7+
This series introduces readers to Kallu, a mischievous young boy who keeps getting in and out of scrapes. In the first book – In Big Trouble Again – he finds himself in need of a good story when he’s late to class. Again. In the second book, Monkey Business on Stage, Kallu gets drawn into Masterji’s yearly stage show of Ramlila. 
You can buy the book here.
You can view the entire list of books here.

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