Thinksharp Foundation: Bringing libraries to village schools

What a joy it has been to have Thinksharp foundation run campaigns on the Donate-a-Book
platform and to hear fun anecdotes from them about how they are using Pratham Books.
Thinksharp Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation started in 2011. They strongly believe
that every child has a right for better education and that he/she should have opportunity to
access what they deserve. Thinksharp Foundation is running a few StudyMall across
Maharashtra. Now, StudyMall is basically a project which is more than just a library, it gives
children a wonderful & colourful space to read books, study and learn after school. They also
have a volunteer to engage them and guide them.
Through their campaigns on Donate-a-Book, they have raised funds for over 1500 books,
impacting over 1500 children.
“The Children were so excited and happy to see and read brand new books which are colorful,
big font, rich and engaging content. Most of the stories they can relate with. They never had
chance to read non-academic books ever before.” Said Santhosh , Founder of Thinksharp
Also, when asked about their experience of running their campaign on Donate-a-Book , he said
that “the best part of the platform is that its completely transparent, 100% of the donations is
used for buying books and its easy and simple”
Thinksharp is back again in their endeavour to create more impact in more villages – help them build more libraries today!



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