Teach India Campaign

Two stories from the Times of India’s Teach India campaign. Click through to read the full stories.

The first details an experience at an NGO briefing session in Bangalore.

There’s a new media campaign in town to encourage people to volunteer their time with select NGOs. The idea is simple: As a volunteer you can pick any NGO from a predetermined list, decide if you like their philosophy, submit a schedule that works for you (2 hours a wk) and educate underprivileged children. The Times of India group has thrown their entire media weight behind this campaign enlisting film personalities, splashing images on billboards at busy junctions and taking out color adverts everyday. It seems to be on the same scale as the “India Shining” Campaign.

My mom signed up for this in Bangalore and she received a text message inviting her to join the NGO, Hippocampus Reading Foundation for an information session. I accompanied her, curious about the whole process…

The second details the reasons why an NGO wasn’t selected and the alternatives to the Teach India campaign.

The teach India campaign is in full swing, or so we would all like to believe. Our tryst with them was short lived: we did not fit the model they proposed as we could not take in the minimum of 100 volunteers that they offered – we had asked for six. The organisers could not understand why in spite of our 9 centres we were unable to accept the 100 volunteers offered. To them the maths was simple: 9 centres into 2 shifts into 6 days = 108!



  1. Anonymous July 26, 2009

    this campaigne is just too good….i think dis is how india can prospour…


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