Sweet or dark stories?

An article in The New York Times brings up an interesting question – is there too much darkness in present-day books for young readers? Well,fairy tales that we’ve all grown up with had their fair share of dark characters too – remember the witch with the poisoned apple?

Excerpt from the article, “No More Adventures in Wonderland”:

“…..the traditional villains of children’s books — fabulous monsters with a touch of the absurd.Like Maurice Sendak’s Wild Things and countless others, they walk a fine line between horror and zany eccentricity. They may frighten young readers, but their juvenile antics strip them of any real authority.”

Read the entire article by Maria Tatar here. And do send us your comments on what you think young children should be reading.

Image: Illustration by Zainab Tambawalla, for ‘Paplu, the Giant’ written by Ramendra Kumar, published by Pratham Books.


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