Signed Stories: Improving Literacy of Deaf Children

Signed Stories is a site which aims to reach out to deaf children and improve their literacy levels. The books can be seen in British sign language and are accompanied with subtitles, pictures and sounds. Thus, the ‘sound’ factor also allows other hearing members of the family to participate and engage in these storytelling sessions.
From their website:

Signed Stories has a very simple goal – to help improve the literacy of deaf children nationwide by allowing them to share in the joy of storytelling. It’s also designed to provide useful advice and guidance for the parents, carers and teachers of deaf children; and for the deaf parents of hearing children.

Michael Rosen says:

Sharing stories with family and friends is a great way of bringing children and books together and providing pleasure and stimulation for all involved.

Deaf children often miss out on this valuable social and educational experience and the fun and enjoyment of sharing stories. The possibility of a national bank of easily accessible signed stories enabling deaf children to share the very best of children’s literature with their hearing peers…

Visit Signed Stories.

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