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Arthi Anand's Storytelling Express
A picture from Arthi’s storytelling sessions as a Pratham Books Champion
In the run-up to our annual collective reading campaign (One Day One Story), we stumbled across Arthi Anand Navaneeth’s article on why stories are powerful. We especially liked the tips she shared in the article.

Via Indian Moms Connect

But most of all, reading is FUN. It can be done almost anywhere and alone or in a group. It need not ever get boring. You just need to find the next book that appeals to you. There is never, ever a short supply of reading material.

  • Alternate between reading and narrating to your child, after they begin to learn the alphabet since they will register words better and it will help them progress to reading on their own.
  • Do not ever force your child to read.
  • Expose them to a lot of variety of books. Do not fret if your child has different reading sensibilities than yours.
  • If you notice a liking for a particular style of book or genre, get more of the same.
  • Set an example by reading yourself.
  • And somewhere, somehow your child will take to reading. If he does not, it is only because he is yet to find the right book for himself.
  • Keep reading and narrating to him.
Read the entire article.

What tips would you share with other parents/teachers?


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