School Choice Campaign

The School Choice Campaign is a campaign that seeks to achieve Right to Education of Choice for all. The campaign believes in funding students rather than schools.

We believe whereas the government has a constitutional mandate to educate every child, it cannot accomplish this task by building more government schools. It has to remain a sponsor and facilitator, and let edupreneurs execute the task of delivering the service. This will bring choice of schools even to the poor while increasing the quality of education delivered through competition.

From the article ‘School Choice Vs present Monopoly System

The school voucher is a tool to change the way governments finance the education of the poor. It is a coupon offered by the government that covers the full or partial cost of education at the school of the student’s choice. The schools collect vouchers from the students, deposit them in their bank accounts and the banks then credit the school accounts by equivalent money while debiting the account of the government. No money actually changes hands, only the voucher moves from the student to the school, and back to the government. In the present system, the schools are accountable to the government. The voucher system makes them accountable directly to the students since they pay for their education through vouchers. If the student does not like the school, she can take the voucher to another school. Under the voucher system, the money follows the student. In the present system, the money follows the school.

You can also read about the global experiments with school vouchers.School Choice:

  • Empowers parents to choose a school they want for their children.
  • Encourages competition among schools –this improves quality.
  • Enables entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and teachers to run schools that cater to the parents needs.

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