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Via BlogBharti, the importance of education:

As soon as the son ( some 6 years old ) saw this , he asked his father “Appa (Father) , What is this ? “. The father , an illiterate , who was badly drunk at that time was silent for a while . Then he said a word to his son “Dear , these are all what you are going to make in the future . These are rockets and Helicophters “. He continued ” I am working everyday night so that you can…

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It seems that the Radiohead experiment, of allowing users to pay what they chose for the music, was a success and that “Radiohead made much more money from this experiment than from their previous album.”

And Mutiny on linguistic chauvinism.

Too much of love for anything that we hold dear to our hearts could make us extremists. So we need to take good care of the whole language-love not leading to regional or linguistic chauvinism. There is nothing wrong in taking pride of one’s own language or culture but when it turns to establish that only ours is supreme, it will cause trouble.

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