RIP Bindia Thapar

It is hard for all of us who knew her to even say that Bindia is no more. 
Bindia with her wide smile and enveloping embrace…
Bindia who illustrated books for children at the perfect cusp of head and heart…
Bindia who faced every adversity with the grit and grace of a fighter…
Bindia who did everything with passion… 
Bindia cared deeply about everything she did and all of us who were fortunate to know her will miss her deeply.
Her illustrations in our title City of Stories have travelled the world on our Reading Champion’s banner.Her characteristic style leapt out of every book she did and spoke to readers of all ages. 
She had been very keen to do a series with Pratham Books and even shown me rough sketches. ‘Take it all…” she had said with her trademark generosity …”when I’m better, I’ll finish it…”
She had really wanted to initiate an award for illustrations in children’s books in India. We hope that her dearest wish will be fulfilled.
RIP Bindia
– Written by Manisha Chaudhry


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