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Last week, our colleague Sampurna Murti wrote a short piece on the importance of reading books, getting kids to read and the work that we do. Our guest blogger Dhwani Yagnaraman wrote about her Skype sessions with fourth and second graders from Central Manor, Pennsylvania. We also put up a set of our Creative Commons licensed illustrations on our Flickr account. We also conducted a storytelling and puppet making workshop this Saturday. Stay tuned for pictures and news from the event. Cathy from Anorak magazines sent us two big packages of their beautiful magazines to share with kids from the Akshara community libraries.
26th June saw the release of two books for kids published by Lama Mani books. The books are part of a project that marks 50 years of Tibetans in exile. The Kannada Book Authority (KBA) is planning to bring out Kannada literary classics in the Braille format. Pearson Education and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is bringing out a children’s book series on climate change. Karmayog has started the “Donate books, Receive Books” campaign to enable any person from across the country to connect with and donate books to any public library, school, college, hospital, NGO, Trust, etc.

Rajshri Media launched 4 regional content video websites and became India’s No.1 YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Wikipedia has plans of adding video options to articles.

We leave you with Wordnik – the revolutionary online dictionary.

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  1. GentleLavender June 29, 2009


    I think its a great initiative to donate books and magazines. I always used to do that when I wanted to give up my books or magazines. So, I would love to support it in anyway.

  2. Maya June 29, 2009

    @ Gentle Lavender

    The article you are referring to has links to information on organizations and the kinds of books they need. You may be able to find some place close to you to donate your books.

  3. seo services April 16, 2010

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