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The week that was…

Last week, we had a book fair at Infosys and received a great response. Emily, our new intern, brought with her a suitcase full of books to share with underprivileged kids.

Read about Shakespeare’s presence in India’s heartland and how you can get your fix of Hindi pulp fiction in English. Why are publishers moving towards India during the time of recession? While some publishers are promoting their DVD style ‘special features’ for e-books, author Chinua Achebe will help Penguin infuse new energy in African literature. Amartya Sen talks about India’s relationship with books and a popular webcomic will soon be published as a book. Some people wonder if the book “Kite Runner” should be banned. Lastly, a mother’s thoughts on reading Enid Blyton’s books with her daughter.

Take a look at our announcements to see what competitions are taking place around the world. Find out about Qimo – the Ubuntu for kids. Watch this video on the Children’s Daevelopment Bank : a bank run entirely by street children.

Wouldn’t your child love this paper chair? We leave you with Miki Sato’s lovely fabric illustrations.

Image Source: svet


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