Rewind. Recap.

Summing up what happened last week on our blog:
Book news first! Three of our books are up for download on our website right now (look for them on the left side of the site). Get your hands on them now! We also chatted with Yvette Garfield from Handstand Kids. Also, go read “An Awesome Book“. Read about how ‘Signed Stories‘ is improving literacy for deaf children. Peter Collingridge shares his views on the Indian Publishing Industry and we found out why publishers are partnering with Scribd. Have you heard about the ‘Disgustingly Cool Books‘? Personalize a “First Words Book” for your child and learn how to reach reluctant readers.

Do not miss this beautiful video of children across India going to school.

Google Noticeboard is trying to connect communities and a blackboard newspaper in Liberia brings news to people.

Fun stuff we came across this week were Mary Anne Lloyd’s Illustrations, The Book Inscriptions Project, Facebook in the 1750s, Lovely Papercut Sentences, an application to create your own fairytale and illustrated Nursery Rhymes.

Children wrote back to us about reading cards and also revealed why they love reading. It was World Storytelling Day on 20th March and we took a look at two different storytelling traditions of India( 1 and 2).

Have a great week ahead!

Image Source: Victor Bezrukov


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