Rewind. Recap.

A quick round-up of our favourite blog posts from last week…

Dhwani, our 12 year old guest blogger for Mother’s Day, had a Skype session with students of Central Manor, Pennsylvania. We also chatted with Mark Waterfield from Moss Green Children’s Books.Take a look at this cool pop-up computer book from the 1980’s and also at Betsy Streeter’s wonderful illustrations.

The TED Fellows Program is accepting applications for 100 TEDIndia fellows. Equally exciting is TED’s open translation project. While technology is helping us understand our ancient texts, will gadgets like the Kindle DX reshape the textbook market? While we are on the topic of Kindle, check out this wooden Kindle reader and read about Amazon becoming a publisher. We also read Atanu Dey’s thoughts on why the OLPC is inappropriate for India.

Hyper-local journalism is becoming popular in the Czech Republic and the New York Times is using an Adobe Air application to make newspaper reading experience more enjoyable.

Moving on to books…

A long lost Bengali translation of Don Quixote will see the light of the day again and a debut novelist has written an unauthorized ‘Catcher in the Rye’ sequel. Did you hear of Obama’s Poetry Party? Laurel Snyder is a busy mum with two kids and could not do the traditional book tour to promote her book. Read about why her book tour is different. We found an article on free e-books increasing book sales and the new Bloomsbury science series will be available for free online. We also read this excellent article on how copyright leaves fans of creative works out in the cold. Follow Gary Dexter’s blog to find out how books got their titles and see how Dracula is being adapted to the blog format. Read about Seven Stories, UK’s first museum dedicated to the art of British Children’s Books. Also, take a look at these black and white science fiction book covers.

You have to take a look at these marvelous creations made by folding paper and also at Megan Brain’s paper sculptures. You can find more links on our Twitter-related post and can also try your hand at creating a comic with MakeBeliefsComix.

We leave you with the incredibly cute Elephant Song.

Have a great week!

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