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Following a poll we took on Twitter, we uploaded one of our books titled Bani.

Bani can float in her sleep and reach the most amazing and amusing places. Would you like to float along?

You can read the entire book here.

You can also read the Mahabharata on Twitter. Seen through the eyes of Bhim, you can now read the world’s largest epic 140 characters at a time. Find out why authors are tweeting these days.

The Uday Foundation plans to create and implement a storytelling program at pediatric wards of hospitals for kids who are ill as storytelling is supposed to have therapeutic effects. The Yanko Design blog had two excellent blog posts on devices and ways that allow blind people to read and experience the world around them. We had another post on how giving away e-books for free increases sales. Take a look at Penguin’s ‘Unputdownable’ ad campaign.

The TED Fellows program is accepting fellowship applications for TED2010.

What does the internet mean to you? Take a look at Kevin Kelly’s Internet Mapping Project and see what it means to other people. You can make your own submission to this project too.

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