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Last month our teams from Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai converged at what we call ‘Manthan’ : an annual Pratham Books meeting. We will post a series of blogposts to talk about what happened at Manthan 3.0. We hope that you, our community, can help us reach our goals and missions. Read the first part of the series here.

At this year’s Kala Ghoda Festival, Ratna Pathak Shah (well-known theatre, film and TV personality) conducted a one hour reading session from our Hindi book – Raja Nang Dhadanga.

We also had some great news to share. One of our favourite printers, Manipal Press Limited, is the ‘Printing Company of the Year‘. Sangeeta Velegar, who does a lot of our creative work in her spare time, won the ‘Best Copywriter Of The Year Award‘.

Share a Story – Shape a Future is a blog event for literacy. Throughout the week, blogging librarians, teachers, parents, authors, illustrators and people passionate about literacy offer ideas on ways to promote reading and books.

Tulika Books is holding a blogathon on varied topics. Write a blog post and win some books :).

A research conducted on 41 books has revealed that giving away an e-book seems to lead to at least a spike in sales of the print version. Watch this amazing time-lapse video of how a book cover is designed. Dolly, the dog, talks about her experiences with publishers, reviewing and agents. Does her work get published this week? Click here to find out. Watch a video of by Penguin Books on how their books would look if they were apps on the iPad. Penguin Books India and Visual Arts Gallery presents ‘Spring Fever‘ from 13th-21st to 21 March 2010. If you are looking for a book that is similar to the last book you were reading (or that is similar to any book you like), let Book Seer recommend some books to you. isbn.net.in is a quick way to find the online prices for a book in India.

Bhasha Research and Publication Center was founded for the study, documentation and conservation of languages not protected by the Constitution of India. Janala is a mobile service which helps people in Bangladesh learn English via mobile phones. The service has already delivered 1 million English lessons.

Rati Ramadas writes about the process (and anxiety) involved in choosing a school these days.

Take a look at this cute cutlery set (with an element of literacy).

We leave you with this incredibly cute illustration titled ‘books are good for you‘.

Image Source : Jared Zimmerman


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