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The week that was…

Our ‘Happy Maths’ series was mentioned in an article on different organizations that are making maths fun. Pratham Books has also jumped onto the Orkut bandwagon. Read about another one of our Skype sessions with kids at Central Manor and leave us a note if you know about a children’s book that gives a realistic picture of India. We also uploaded ‘The First Farmers- A Warli Folktale‘ on our Scribd account.

We are huge advocates of the Creative Commons movement and have also released some of our books under CC licenses. Last week, we learned about CC Zero which allows content creators to distribute their work on the Internet copyright-free. While YouTube introduced a new feature for its users, Amazing Radio is a place for you to discover unsigned artists. Other news we heard was the launch of the world’s first tuition-free online university. CAPL or Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon provides authentic images for language learning. Also, find out which word became the millionth word to enter the English language.

Moving on to book news…

Harper Collins launched the Amanda Project to bring a book for teens on a multi-platform, interactive and digital format. From the next school year, California schools will have access to open source and digital textbooks. An article on Wired talks about why e-books are stuck in a black-and-white world? We also found out about Kidwick Books. You have to visit their website to hear the excellent audio demos of their books. Did you know that Donald Duck is loved in Germany? Read about Virginia Woolf’s take on the demise of books. Google is entering the e-book market and Bookshare is making books more accessible for people with disabilities.

Do you know about the autorickshaw rally which will take place in July to raise funds for rural education? Also, learn about the School Choice Campaign that believes in funding students rather than schools.

Keep track of the stuff we read and see on twitter by reading our Twittering Thursday posts here and here. Look at pictures of a lovely alphabet drawer and see what Wikipedia would look like if it was printed.

We leave you with Radha Ramachandran’s immensely cute illustrations. Look out for Reynold Reeds ok?

Image Source: Denis Collette…!!!


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