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Its the last week of our Super Summer Sale in Bangalore. If you haven’t visited us yet, this is a great time to come and buy books at our office and avail the fabulous offers we have. For Mother’s Day, we had a series of blog posts dedicated to the role of mothers and our reading habits. We even had a 12 year old guest blogger write a post for us. If you missed those posts, you can read them here, here, here and here. Find out about another one of our Skype sessions with the kids of Central Manor and what a rat was doing during this session.

The big-screen Kindle for textbooks and newspapers has arrived. While we talk about the power of ‘free’ on this blog so often, we also read this article on the free newspaper war in Denmark and its consequences. While Wuthering Heights got remixed, you can try your hand at remixing Lawrence Lessig’s book and win prizes. Read about Warner Music going around calling other people as well as themselves pirates. Also read about why the Hindi literature market is catching the fancy of international publishers. Did you know how Google’s book scanning project works? Read about Eric Carle’s childhood and its influence on his writing and don’t forget to check out our Twittering Thursday post.

Star Trek lovers may like this post of the history of Klingon language and Blake lovers may like Songs of Imagination and Digitisation, “an illuminated book for the digital age.” Watch Pashan Palvi: the story of a school in a remote village in Maharashtra. Google’s internet bus is travelling across Karnataka and other initiatives are also trying to make it more accessible for rural consumers to use the internet.

We loved Arti Sandhu’s Hindi alphabet chart series and we would love to visit this incredibly awesome Kid’s Republic bookstore in Beijing.

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