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We are excited about making our books more accessible for visually challenged children. Read about how we went about getting one of our books converted. We would also love if you could give us some feedback on the pilot version of the book. Instructions to download the book are given at the end of the blog post.

On World Environment Day (5th June), we were offering a FREE book download of ‘Sedna, The Goddess of the Sea‘. The book will be available on our website for a few more days. So, hurry and get your copy now!

Yahoooo! Pratham Books was mentioned in The Washington Post article on the rise in children’s books in India.

What do kids love most? A study reveals that kids want their parents to read to them. Also, read a post on children’s publishing in India and illustrations. Talking about kids, a bunch of five-year-old kids were allowed to interact with an e-reader. Do their questions provide an insight into the future of reading?

We also found a few tools that teachers would love to introduce their students to. Teaching Copyright is a site that equips educators with tools to teach their students about copyright. ‘The Animals Save the Planet’ videos are adorably cute videos which talk about environment protection and conservation. Water Stories traces the folklore and mythological stories related to different water bodies across the world. Children between the age of 7-17 can participate in Skipping Stones Magazine’s Youth Honor Award Program on multicultural awareness and nature appreciation.

India Biodiversity Portal is a unique repository of information on India’s biodiversity. Folkstreams aims to build a national preserve of hard-to-find documentary films about American folk or roots cultures. The Arrorró project is discovering, recording and collecting lullabies from all over the world. Check out which picture got selected as Wikimedia’s picture of the year.

Find out why German public broadcasters are cutting down on their online content. While Obama reach more people through social media in an SMS 2.0 approach, a book titled ‘The Obama Time Capsule‘ allows anyone to customize their own book and publish it. Read about an advertising experiment on Kindle and take a look at album art remixed to look like 1960s paperbacks. Take a look at the read-nest cabin too.

We leave you with the pure brilliance of Moray McLaren’s “We Got Time” video.

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