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The week that was (The three day week that was)…
Pratham Books launched its new book – Asian Splendour – on 3rd October in Delhi.

“From the high, grassy plains of Tibet to the blue depths of the Filipino seas, folktales from Asia span geographical and cultural diversity. Each tale carries an authentic whiff of its land and yet effectively showcases the universality of human emotions. This is a rich and moveable feast for our advanced readers.”

We will have pictures and an update from the event soon. If you have already bought the book and want to review the book, shoot us a mail at [email protected].

With the imminent launch of our book about the river Cauvery, our antennas (Antenna: plural antennae in biology, and antennas in radio) start jiggling the minute we read/hear/see anything about Cauvery. That is why you will find a post titles ‘Dinosaurs Eggs at Cauvery Basin‘ on this blog. Along with the launch of the book, we are also asking people to pledge their support towards water conservation and save our rivers. Read through the post to see how you can pledge your support and participate in the contests too.

The Joy of Giving Week may be over, but that doesn’t stop us from spreading the joy around. Watch seventh graders participate in the Design for Giving contest and tackle the problem of the lack of resources faced by rural schools. We are also excited to see what other stories of change have been submitted by children across India.

According to a survey of international writers, Gabriel García Márquez’s ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ is the piece of writing that has most shaped world literature over the past 25 years.

We leave you with ‘That’s How a Pumpkin Grows‘ – A cute song for kids with fabulous animation.

Image Source : Tender Young Pony of Insomnia


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