Return of the four-legged one!

Yes, it’s me Dolly and I’m back and this week my tail has regained its lost swagger. Yes, that is precisely why the title has such drama. You see my friends, this week I got a letter from a pup asking me for advice. And that letter I tell you, wiped away all those nasty feelings that those publisher’s rejection letters had stirred up in me.
I do realize I’m not in any way qualified to give out any advice. I mean, we all know that I’ve not even had a publisher even sniff at me yet. But still the idea, that there are pups out there who cared enough to read my blogs here and mail me makes me jump on the couch and burrow through the pillows in excitement. It makes me feel like my idol you see here.
So anyway, I thought I should share my responses to the pup with you, as I’m sure there are at least a few of you who had the same concerns.
Here goes:
Q1. ‘How do I know that me being a writer is practical and that I really have talent?’
Me: First of all, if you have one person who believes in you and knows that you will be a success, make sure that you show what you’ve written to one more person. That first person that you showed your work to, I’m assuming will almost hundred percent be, your mother. And when was the last time she realistically put you down? So my standard is finding two people, preferably not blood-relatives to rate your work. If they like it pup, know that you have the talent.
Q2. Why don’t publishers write back when they promise that they will?
Me: I don’t know. They probably have short-term memories. But there are those who do. I’m currently searching for one who does too. I’ll mail you when I find one and remember to return the favour.
Q3. What do I do when my paws cramp up and no words come out?
Me: You stop screwing up your forehead in consternation and trot out of the house and bark at a few crows and mock-scare a few cats. Or if you are cooped up in an apartment, steal stinky socks from the laundry basket and have your way with it. In other ways, clear your head. If the words are there and you are meant to write, they will come out.
(P.S Try Yoga for cramped paws!)
Let me know if these tips are any good. I’m just trying to make the lives of those following in my paw steps a little easier.
So as usual with a wag for each one of you till next week,
Yours truly,
Shweta Ganesh Kumar is a journalist turned NGO activist turned Writer/Blogger/Author who finds bliss in traveling to places known and unknown! She blogs about life, travels and food here , here and here
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