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Our New Year resolution for the year 2009 is “increased efforts to be more environment friendly and ‘green'”. So to kick start the new year with this theme, here is a blog post on the innovative things people are doing by recycling newspaper.

Newspaper Bench

334 bench is a seat that has noble thought of furthering recycling and reuse behind its conception. 334 bench consists of three parallel bars of metal, over which are stacked 334 old newspapers. The papers are stacked close together. Along with the bars, these newspapers are sturdy enough to support weight of more than five persons at a time. And the craziest thing to note is the fact that there is no gluing involved.

Newspaper Brick Maker

A great way to recycle newspapers and an invaluable tool used in parts of the world where firewood is not readily available. Compressed wet newspaper dries into 81/2″x31/4″ bricks that burn at the rate of about 4 per hour. Just soak newspaper (mix with sawdust and chopped grass if desired) and fill brick maker, then press down on handles. Remove brick and allow to dry, then use like wood in your stove.

Handspun Recycled Newspaper Yarn

With enough time, patience, and newspapers you can create newspaper yarn. From the design studios of Greetje van Tiem and her “Indruk” project she can purportedly spins 20yds of “yarn” from a sheet of old newspaper… newspaper yarn can be woven into varying degrees of complexity to construct anything from curtains, to rugs, netting throws, or even upholstery. Its strength may be slightly less that of yarn but when spun tightly and woven into something like a mat the newspaper yarn is a durable and functional structure. Click here to learn how to spin newspaper yarn.

Baskets Made from Recycled Newspapers

For those who have been faithfully recycling their newspapers since long before it was the law — or those who just want to look like committed recyclers — the Container Store has introduced a new collection of storage baskets made entirely out of old newspapers. The bins, which come in three sizes, are tightly woven, with two cutout handles. There is no metal involved in the construction, just paper and a coat of light matte lacquer to keep the newsprint from smearing or tearing.

What is your new year resolution for 2009?


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